Can Black Mould Grow on Carpet?

There are many types of mould that can grow in the humid, moist areas in your home and impact your family’s health. One common place mould likes to grow is carpeting. That’s why United Water Restoration Group of Toronto would like to cover everything you need to know about black mould on carpet in Toronto […]

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7 Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Whether your home just suffered a flooding incident or you’ve moved into a new home with creaky wood floors, you should know the key signs of hardwood floor water damage in a Toronto home. That way you can spot the damage and get it fixed as soon as possible.   United Water Restoration Group of […]

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What Is the Difference Between Smoke and Fire Damage?

Properties that suffer fires often end up with many signs of smoke and fire damage. But each type of damage must be properly addressed when restoring a home or commercial space. That’s why United Water Restoration Group of Toronto would like to discuss the difference between damage from smoke and fire so you know how […]

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