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What is Water Damage Restoration?

The water damage restoration process involves the extraction of standing water, cleaning of the affected area and drying or tearing out and replacing of the damp and saturated building materials and contents. Damage cleanup and restoration is a critical task and requires the expertise of trained technicians.
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Water Damage Restoration Process

The water damage restoration process begins with a careful inspection of the causes, extent, and degree of damage to your home or business. After inspection, our highly trained technicians will provide cost estimates for cleanup and rebuilding.

Our experts will start cleaning, repairs and may have to remove damaged materials and content from your home or business. We would recommend that you thoroughly document the damage in photographs and videos prior to our cleaning and restoration process. This is very important because listing losses, gathering receipts, or purchase information makes it more likely for an insurer to cover your water damage claim.

Our expert technicians will try to restore your property to its original condition. During our mitigation process we will try to decrease the extent of damage to your home or business and will also, improve the condition of your property. The first step is to resolve the primary reason for water damage and then start the process of cleanup and rebuilding.

24/7 Emergency Response
Water Restoration Services

What Causes Water Damage?

The 3 most common causes of water damage are leaky appliances, damaged roofing or broken plumbing. Once we assess your property we will categorize the severity of water damage based on the level of contamination.

Category One

Water damage is due to clean water (not containing debris) leaking from a broken pipe or supply line.

Category Two

Water damage with contaminated, non-potable water. It may contain chemicals and microbes.

Category Three

Where the water damage involves highly contaminated flood water or sewer backups that contain hazardous waste.


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Water leakage can cause severe damage to your home or business if left unchecked for hours or days. After 48 hours mold starts growing on the site of water damage. Call Mississauga’s top water damage restoration company to avoid any secondary damages. 


We have highly trained technicians with over 14 years of industry-wide experience. Our experts have helped thousands of home and business owners in restoring their water damaged properties. If you are experiencing water leakage do not hesitate to call our certified water damage and flood restoration team. We have the latest state of the art equipment to effectively assess the degree of damage and our experienced technicians will provide the best treatment to restore your damaged property. 


We look forward to working with you and will always provide professional and friendly service in order to leave you with less stress, worries, and expenses.


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