What is the Most Common Cause of House Fires?

House fires are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In many cases, the fire damage can be severe, dangerous and extremely expensive. The best way to avoid house fires is to understand what causes them. Find out below the most common causes of house fires.


While cooking is essential in every home, it is also the most common cause of house fires. Unfortunately, many people tend to get distracted while cooking, leading to unattended pots and pans filled with hot food and oil. If left unattended for long enough, a fire may start and eventually spread throughout the rest of the home. To prevent this from happening, never leave your cooking unsupervised. If you must leave your kitchen, be sure to turn off the source of heat and remove the pan from the hot surface.

Electrical Appliances

Every home is filled with many electrical appliances such as televisions, sound systems, fans, refrigerators, portable heaters, and curling irons. While these appliances are important to the comfort of your home, they can also lead to house fires. Usually faulty cords, frayed wires and overloaded plugs are to blame. To prevent this, make sure to throw out any damaged cords, unplug unnecessary electronics and turn off appliances when not in use.

Faulty wiring

When the wiring of your home is not installed properly, electrical hazards can happen at any time. Be sure to hire a professional when installing new wiring or do not hesitate to contact one if you notice any problems. Some common signs of faulty wiring include outlets that frequently short or the dimming of lights when using an appliance.

Smoking in bedrooms

As a homeowner, you may have the freedom of smoking anywhere you want on your property. However, this increases the risk of fires starting in your home. Remember to put out any cigarettes you’re smoking inside, especially in the bedroom, where bed linen, curtains and floor rugs can easily catch on fire.


Incandescent light bulbs can get hot very quickly. If they overheat they can start a fire, which is why it is important to switch to more eco-friendly and energy efficient bulbs such as LED lights. Be sure to always check that the light bulbs in your fixtures are in good condition and replace them as needed.


Lastly, curious and unsupervised children are one of the main causes of house fires. When left unattended, kids can sometimes get into things they are not supposed to. They may play with matches, hot appliances or even candles without realizing the danger of what they are doing. To avoid this, educate your children on the dangers of fires and never leave them unsupervised in areas where fire is a potential risk.


In the unfortunate event that a house fire occurs in your home, be sure to turn to experts in fire damage restoration in Toronto. Allow professionals to guide you through the restoration process and assure you that any damages can be repaired.

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