What Do You Do If Your House Has Water Damage?

Regardless of the indispensability of water, water damage is what every homeowner dreads. This is because of the massive damage it can cause to a house and the properties in it. However, if you experience water damage in your home, you must call professionals for water damage restoration as soon as possible.

Water damage restoration involves all the processes of curtailing further water damage and restoring your home to a good condition. Meanwhile, here is what to do if your house has water damage.


1. Identify and Fix the Cause of the Flood

Identify the cause of the flood or water damage in your home and deal with it. If a burst pipe or leaking faucet caused the flood, shut off the main water supply to prevent more water from getting into your home. Having done this, call an expert for help.


2. Switch off Electricity

The next step you must take is to locate your main electricity box in the house and turn off the power supply to the entire house. This is crucial before starting the water damage restoration to prevent electrical shock. However, you must ensure that you are adequately insulated before you attempt to handle any electrical appliances. And if you unavoidably have to stand in water to switch off the electricity supply, call an electrician to avoid the risk of electrocution.


3. Evaluate the Damage

You must assess the extent of the water damage in your home. Take photos and document the accident properly to have adequate evidence and information to provide to your insurance company. Besides, knowing the magnitude of the water damage will let you know what can be salvaged among your properties and if your building has not been structurally compromised.


4. Salvage Valuable Properties

Recover any important and valuable property you can lay your hands on from the flooded area such as money, a box of jewelry, and other items that are not severely affected. However, you should not start cleaning your properties yet; the remnant water must be removed from your home.


5. Fix the Mess

Now you have to get rid of the standing water in your home. Get a pump to drain the water. And if it is a natural flood, wait for the water level outside to recede before you start pumping the water.
Remember to wear protective gear. Keep your family and pets away from the water before you start pumping the water. After getting rid of the water, clean up all wet appliances to dry thoroughly.

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