What Causes Water Damage in Homes?

Water damage is an unpleasant incident everyone is scared to experience due to the losses it causes. It results in financial losses and significant damages to properties. As a result, if you can prevent it, take the necessary action. And if it eventually happens in your home, call experts for water damage restoration.

Meanwhile, here are the causes of water damage in homes.


1. Burst Pipes

One of the significant causes of water damage in homes is burst pipes or leaking pipes. Backed up drains can place untold pressure on the pipes, which will cause the pipes to burst or leak. Besides, tree roots intrusion into the sewer lines can also cause pipes to burst. And old and rusty pipes can also burst without warning. All these are some of the causes of water damage in homes.


2. Plumbing Issues

There may be some issues with the pipes buried in the walls of the house, which may not be detected early. This can be at pipe joints or hoses that are not adequately fixed. Over time, the problem may become aggravated and result in water damage through water leak or burst pipe in the home.


3. Poor Basement Waterproofing

The lack of proper basement is a recipe for water damage in homes. However, the cost of water damage restoration is higher than what can be spent on waterproofing the basement properly. When water fails to find its way out of the basement area, it can fill up and get the basement flooded; thus, damaging the properties stored there.


4. Natural Disasters

When nature reacts, nobody can stop it. And when there are water-related disasters, its effects can only be mitigated by proper planning like effective basement waterproofing, installation of a sump pump, adjusting the land slope, and much more.


5. Faulty Appliances

The chances of having water damage in homes are higher if the household appliances are old and rusty. For instance, the hoses of a washing machine may have become weak, just like the dishwashers as well. These weak hoses and pipes are susceptible to breaking any time without prior warnings. When the pipes or hoses burst, it will result in water damage in the home. The best way to prevent this disaster is by performing a random check on the appliances and replacing weak pipes and hoses.

The after-effects of water damage must be catered to with proper water damage restoration to protect the home from mold growth, ill health, and other issues. If water damage happens in your home, hire professionals for effective water damage restoration.

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