How To Keep Your Basement Dry?

Of course, rainfall helps nourish your garden, but once it becomes excessive and starts sipping into your basement, you could be left with a real basement headache. Water sipping into the foundation of your home is very risky, if you do nothing about it and this trend continues, you could end up becoming homeless or you could end up with a damaged basement. Below are three ways to ensure that your basement remains as dry as the desert sand.


1. Cover All Cracks

For water to enter into your basement, it needs to pass through an opening; this opening could be a little crack or a hole. Fractures take place in three primary situations, if your house starts settling, if excess water pressure is entering your house from the inside, or if you have a home that is not well constructed.

Carefully examine your basement for any cracks, and seal if you find any, make use of a waterproof mixture or a strong material when sealing cracks, this will ensure that water doesn’t find its way into your basement.


2. Keep the Exterior of Your Home

o make sure that your basement isn’t destroyed by water, it is important that you keep close tabs on every corner of your home, including the exterior. Most times, basement leakage is often as a result of leakages from outside. Check places like your gutters and downspouts and remove any debris that may block them. If you have a blocked gutter, runoff will have no escape route.

You will end up having a foundation that is covered with a pool of water which will find any available hole to enter; if you are unfortunate, the hole may lead to your basement. You should also make sure that your downspouts are channeled away from your house so you don’t end up having a basement filled with water.


3. Examine the Sewer Pipes

If after checking for cracks and holes inside and outside your home, and yet you feel that something is wrong, there is a huge possibility that you are dealing with a hidden crack which is most times from the sewer pipes. A leak such as this occurs when the pipes are transmitting waste water.

You should keep an eye out for signs such as slow drain, a gas smell, including stains on the basement wall and ceilings. If you find out that you have a flooded basement and you need a water damage restoration service, contact the necessary body to help you fix the issue.

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