How Can You Tell If Your House Has Water Damage?

Water damage is more dangerous than many people think. It can happen at home anytime and cause a series of issues. At this point, it would be necessary to hire professionals for water damage restoration.

Water damage has resulted in losses worth billions of dollars. However, if you are thinking of buying a home, it is essential to look out for signs of water damage in the house, especially if the region is prone to heavy rainfall, flooding, or hurricane. Meanwhile, here are how you can tell if a home has water damage.


1. Puddles or Pooling Water

Pooling water or puddles are a sign of water leaking or dripping. If you notice wet spots, puddles, or pooling water, come back after cleaning it up, that is a sign of water damage in your home. It is best to fix the problem now and nip it in the bud before it aggravates and requires expensive water damage restoration.


2. Sound

Another way to identify water damage in your home is the sound of dripping water. You need to listen intently to hear this sound – it may sound like rushing water or dripping once in a while. Call for professional water damage restoration without any delay to forestall massive damage to your property.


3. Smell

Another way to discover that you need water damage restoration in your home is the lousy smell in your home. Due to dampness, your home may have a musky smell of mold because mold grows and thrive in damp locations. Take note of a strange smell to identify water damage quickly.


4. Discoloration

Even if the water or puddles have dried off, the discoloration sign left behind is a convincing sign of water damage. Look out for watermarks on your walls and floor. There is always a pattern or streaks of water flowing from a particular area. Immediately you see this sign, contact us for immediate water damage restoration.


5. Mold

The growth of mold is a confirmation that there is water damage in your home. Mold is a severe health risk; once found, you must undertake a water damage restoration to avoid exposing your family to lethal health problems. Fixing mold damages can be costly. Immediately you find mold in your home, call for water damage restoration professional, and fix it.

The health risks that water damage poses can be lethal. Also, if the damage continues, the structure of the home can be affected. Undertake a water damage restoration project and be assured the issue will be fixed.

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