Sometimes owning property comes with a set of headaches that goes along with it. When things are calm and working as intended, your home or small business can provide a sense of empowerment or success. However, when trouble comes knocking, those positive feelings can come tumbling down. 

While there are obvious sets of problems like the potential of water damages or fire damages, there’s another that owners often don’t want to think about and usually is a matter of out of sight, out of mind until it finally shows itself, and that’s mould infestations.

While we are surrounded on average by 200-500 mould spores at all times, at this level mould isn’t a real risk to your property. However, that can easily change when areas have prolonged moisture, often inside of a wall, crawlspace, or attic due to an unseen leak. 

This excess moisture allows mould spores to settle, multiply, and thrive, and soon enough you have a full-blown mould infestation on your hands. By the time it becomes visible to you, it has likely already done a fair amount of spreading.

When you encounter mould on your property, time is of the essence. United Water Restoration Group of Toronto is the clear choice for mould remediation in the area of Willowdale, Ontario and our technicians are standing by to help you today.


Seeking Mould Remediation in Willowdale, Ontario?

You might be telling yourself, “I can tackle this mould problem on my own. All I need is some cleaning supplies and self-initiative.” and that’s incredibly ill-advised. While DIY projects are rewarding to undertake, there are some situations when trying to do things on your own are likely to result in a worse outcome than when you started, and that’s especially true with mould remediation. 

Unless you have the tools and the training to strike the entirety of a mould infestation, you’re likely only going to have a surface-level impact on your own. While that may leave mould out of sight and out of mind temporarily, the fact is in the unseen places it is still spreading and will become an even bigger threat to the property and its inhabitants.

An average mould remediation job undertaken by professionals usually costs between $500 and $6,000. Combine that with insurance coverage, and the overall cost usually isn’t going to hit your wallet that adversely. 

When you’re looking for mould remediation in Willowdale, Ontario you need professional help in your corner and nothing less.

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